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Richard Gold World

Who is Richard Gold

Richard Gold was a young Dandy of noble origins and endowed with a good taste in musical and literary works.
Born on September 9, 1918, Richard was able to distinguish himself from the masses from a young age. A travel lover and frequent visitor to the world's most famous clubs, he was able to make a name for himself thanks to his character and his way of dressing always rebellious and counter-trend.

Fashion was his favorite "addiction", to the point that his greatest dream, never fulfilled, was always to create a clothing line of his own, which would always make him feel comfortable.
100 years after his birth, his grandchildren have decided to turn a simple desire into reality, with the intention of bringing the "Richard Gold" character viral all over the world.

Welcome to our Jungle.

The modern city, our jungle.

Predators are lurking at every turn.

Richard had total control of the jungle, he dominated it, he led the dynamics, he was a leader. He shone so much in the jungle of the industrial period that he didn't need to show his identity, he only showed the animals he had hunted, like trophies.

His hunting trophy room is our Jungle Collection: City Takeover.

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Meet With Arts.

Richard was a philanthropist and patron, supporting artists and introducing them to the world. From this passion comes the Meet With Arts collection, where artists from all over the world collaborate to re-edit art in a modern way, creating real works of art to wear. Limited and numbered editions, accompanied by their certificate of authenticity, as befits every work of art.


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